Monday, December 18, 2006

Make Your Blogs Better Blogs

Bloke's Tips for a Successful Blog: Part 1 - You can never have too many tips.
Getting More Traffic to your Blog - Good on you Blog Bloke.
Blog Linking and it's Power - It's what I'm doing here. Worth a read.
Blogger Templates - More templates to choose from as well as hacks and tips to alter your current blog.
How To Blog For Fun & Profit! - Has some good articles about promoting your blog as well as many other blogging subjects
Pro - Some ideas on how to make money blogging.
Blog Helper - Some good blogging tips.
W3 Schools - Tutorials on website building including using HTML, CCS etc.
BlogCollectorĀ® - Back up your blog using this free software. You can also turn your blog into a PDF or book.
Free Blogspot Templates - Some good examples of three column templates to use with Blogspot.
Blogger Tips and Tricks - All sorts of goodies on this site to improve your blogs.
Helpful Resources For New Bloggers - This blog is full of great tips and tricks for all bloggers. Especially this article about creating expandable post summaries

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tips and Tricks Blogs

All about Microsoft Excel - There are always new tools and tricks to be discovered in Excel.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cartoons and Art Blogs

Ace Cartoon Pilot - This blog has a great template, a great title area and great cartoons. Worth a peak.
DMD Scratchboard Gallery Blog - Some great scratchboard sketches in black and white.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Best Blog ot the Day Award

Thanks to Rob at Blog of the for awarding this blog the best blog of the day award for the post on "Making your blogs better blogs" (below), in the catergory of blogging. Congratulations to me!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blogs of Interest

Bestest Blog of All Time - A blog that awards me the "Bestest Blog of the Day" is worth another link from my site. Thanks Bobby.
Around the World in 80 Blogs - I have to give Krazy Kelvin credit for this blog. This is where I got my inspiration from for "A World of Bloggers". Thanks Kelvin.
Consumers Awareness Guide to Safety & Designer Eyewear - Some good information about your eyes, eye care, and eye protection.
Blog of the - A different take to a similar theme as Bestest Blog of the Day. Rob rates his blogs by category. Of course, I feature here too.
Brotherhood of the Bean - A blog all about coffee.!
Dreams - a blog where people can submit their dreams to be published as a collection of dreams by dreamers.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Funny as a Fart in an Elevator Blogs

The World of Yaxlich - Yaxlich suffers from a medical condition called Betty Swollocks. Unfortunate, but funny.
Disasters, Catastrophies & other Reasons to Laugh
The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas -
Tomas is an imaginary friend who doesn't have any friends and these are his many ordinary adventures.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Great Photography Blogs

Timor Leste Sunrises - Some really cool military aviation photos.
Dave's Pics A very talented photographer in Alaska taking shots from from around Alaska
Museum of Me
Spread Your Smile - Smiling is contagious. You may even smile yourself. It ven has a photo of me on it.
1-2-3 Go Garden! - Some great garden photos here.
Listening for Thunder - Bill Stormont describes his site as "Tidbits of photography and everyday life"
Concrete To Cottages and Colour Void - by Dave MacIntyre. Colour void is entirely black and white photos, and has some great shots.

Interesting Blogs

Strip Tease - Hmmm? Pity I can only speak English.
The Luckiest Person in the World? - Now this is funny...
Sho()ot my blog - an original concept where the blogger asks people to send in original creative photos of their monitors with the blog page on the screen. Brought to my attention by Frank Sirianni. Thanks Frank. - I like the booty of the day gallery.