Monday, December 18, 2006

Make Your Blogs Better Blogs

Bloke's Tips for a Successful Blog: Part 1 - You can never have too many tips.
Getting More Traffic to your Blog - Good on you Blog Bloke.
Blog Linking and it's Power - It's what I'm doing here. Worth a read.
Blogger Templates - More templates to choose from as well as hacks and tips to alter your current blog.
How To Blog For Fun & Profit! - Has some good articles about promoting your blog as well as many other blogging subjects
Pro - Some ideas on how to make money blogging.
Blog Helper - Some good blogging tips.
W3 Schools - Tutorials on website building including using HTML, CCS etc.
BlogCollector® - Back up your blog using this free software. You can also turn your blog into a PDF or book.
Free Blogspot Templates - Some good examples of three column templates to use with Blogspot.
Blogger Tips and Tricks - All sorts of goodies on this site to improve your blogs.
Helpful Resources For New Bloggers - This blog is full of great tips and tricks for all bloggers. Especially this article about creating expandable post summaries


Blogger Blog Bloke said...

Happy New Year, and may 2007 be the break through year for you and all of your readers!

1/04/2007 2:31 PM  

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